Road To Red Bull BC ONE World Final Zurich




Credit: Little Shao

From Fez, Morocco, B-Boy Cri6 is a member of El Mouwahidin crew and started breaking in December 2005, at just 12 years old.

Cri6 got into breaking after doing taekwondo. He used to watch the breaking class that was held in the same place in which he trained, and as a little kid he was impressed with the tricks and power moves of the breakers and so left taekwondo to join the breaking class, and he hasn’t looked back.

Credit: Romina Amato

His style of breaking is all about flowing on the floor with unexpected flexible moves. Striving to challenge what his body can do, and trying to develop his flexibility, dynamics and flow, Cri6 is always training to find new dimensions in his breaking.

Credit: Little Shao

Cri6’s first inspiration was his first crew, the Sanafir crew from Bensouda, and he’s now proud to have built a dance career which has allowed him to tour Morocco as an artist, having become an official Moroccan artist with The Ministry of Culture.

Credit: Romina Amato

Among his many wins are the World Battle Contest Germany 2014, the 2015 Red Bull BC One Morocco cypher and the 2015 Groove Session Battle international event.

With family, books, and self-improvement being important to him, Cri6 definitely sees his future as being in breaking.

Cri6 shares his story on how he made it from a small town in Morocco to an International level and how amazed he was when he first found about being invited in to the Red Bull BC One World Final Zurich. This was his first ever BC One World Final


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