Cartoonito celebrates every child by spotlighting their unique selves and encourages kids to interact with others with empathy, respect, and fairness.  Cartoonito emphasizes these messages through its broadcasted programs such as the brand-new animated series Silly Sundays.

Released by Cartoonito at the very beginning of 2024, Silly Sundays underscores the very important message of celebrating “every child’s unique self”. It champions inclusivity, individuality and originality and Cartoonito, offers a safe space dedicated to fun, for this engaging and culturally relevant storytelling.

Silly Sundays, features an outstanding character named Vicky who is hard of hearing and uses sign language. Vicky’s character emphasizes the importance of reflecting real and diverse storylines on Kids television. The commitment to the authenticity of this character was reflected in the casting process, which took special care to ensure that the hard of hearing representation extended beyond the animated character.  In the Arabic version of the series, Vicky is dubbed by Rein Soleh, a voice actress who uses a hearing aid. 14-year-old Rein, performed at Image studios in Lebanon, and uses sign language just like her character Vicky, allowing for a true representation and portrayal.

Silly Sundays is a fun-filled series that is set in the beautiful, colorful coastal village known as Sunday Town. With a cast of entertaining characters that warms the cockles of hearts, Silly Sundays takes the audience back to family days together, when school and work are out for the week and there is nothing scheduled except spending time with family and friends.

Vicky is joined by central characters, Sonia – the wildly curious five-year old, Sonia’s younger sister Mel – the smallest but undoubtedly mightiest, their sensible big cousin Hugo, their Mom – the artist of the family, their Dad – forever the big kid at heart, and the family’s music enthusiast, Granny.

As Hugo’s best friend, Vicky is an indispensable member of the team, and an extra talented child.  Her use of hearing aids is something that is championed in Silly Sundays and her ability to sign language is celebrated as a ‘superpower’.

Cartoonito’s brand new program, Silly Sundays, meets with children on TV every day.