Wheeler Dealers Marks 20th Anniversary with a Look Back on Two Decades of Car and Adventures


Wheeler Dealers, the iconic automotive TV show, is gearing up for its 20th Anniversary. Over the last two decades, Wheeler Dealers has become a household name in the automotive world, captivating audiences in approximately 120 countries. Launched in 2003, the show has carved its place as one of the most popular automotive shows globally, boasting a dedicated fan base. Its journey has been marked by exciting car deals, adventures, and unforgettable moments.

Wheeler Dealers isn’t just a show; it’s an automotive legacy. Featuring a total of 220 used motors across eighteen original series and the finest collections which has redefined the car dealing landscape. The show’s hosts, including car grandmaster Mike Brewer, and repair expert “Elvis” Priestly have taken fans on a journey through the world of automobiles. Mike’s first venture began into car dealing at the age of 15, where he transformed a £25 crash-damaged Mini into an £800 profit and Marc “Elvis” Priestly, a seasoned veteran of the McLaren Formula 1 pit lane for a decade, works wonders with his extraordinary repair skills.

Wheeler Dealers has been responsible for some of the most expensive car deals, including the acquisition of an Austin Healey B17, bought for $35,000 and later sold at auction for $75,000. The Lamborghini Urraco, purchased in 2013 for £21k, was another standout investment that later sold for £35k.

Wheeler Dealers is all set for an exciting new season that promises even more thrilling car adventures. Fans can catch the action on both Discovery and discovery+, with the new season this November. Wheeler Dealers invites all car fanatics to join in the celebration and relive the most legendary moments that have graced screens for two decades.

Tune in for Wheeler Dealers as of 17 November at 21:00 KSA time on Discovery and discovery+ via STARZPLAY and STC / Jawwy TV.