Cartoon Network Brings Festive Fun to School Holidays with Exciting New Shows and Episodes


Cartoon Network welcomes the holiday season with a fantastic lineup of new shows and episodes this December, perfect for kids enjoying their school break. With a sleigh full of episodes that weave tales of bravery, friendship, and holiday spirit, our festive programming lineup is specially curated to captivate and entertain our young audience.

Prepare for a season sprinkled with magic, featuring beloved characters and inspiring new heroes embodying the holidays’ joy and wonder. Tune in to Cartoon Network and join the festive fun that awaits, ensuring a holiday season filled with delightful memories and cheer for all!

Ninjago Dragons Rising – New Episodes

Start Date: Monday, 4th December @ 16:00 KSA/ 17:00 UAE

Schedule: Weekdays @ 16:00 KSA/ 17:00 UAE/ and Weekends @ 11:00 KSA/ 12:00 UAE

The world of Ninjago is forever changed! In these thrilling new episodes, new and old Ninjas unite to combat high-tech villains threatening to dominate all realms. It’s a high-stakes adventure that promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Cartoon Network’s Funniest Animals

Starting 23rd December

Schedule: Weekdays from 14:00 KSA/ 15:00 UAE

Following the success of “Weird is Good,” Cartoon Network introduces “Cartoon Network’s Funniest Animals.” This no-humans-allowed block features beloved animal characters from shows like “The Heroic Quest of the Valiant Prince Ivandoe,” “The Amazing World of Gumball, “We Baby Bears,” and “Jellystone.”

The Heroic Quest of The Valiant Prince Ivandoe – Chapter 5: The Prince and The Lonely Trollstress

Release Date: Saturday, 30th December @ 11:00 KSA/12:00 UAE

In the exciting new special of “The Heroic Quest of The Valiant Prince Ivandoe,” Prince Ivandoe finds himself in a snowy dilemma. Taking shelter from a snowstorm, the brave prince gets trapped in the home of a Giant Trollstress. Experience a tale of festive cheer as Prince Ivandoe navigates a scary and Doll-Feast, only to spread joy in the most unexpected ways!

Breakfast Club

Weekends @ 08:00 KSA/ 09:00 UAE

To top it all off, Cartoon Network’s “Breakfast Club” is back with even more breakfast-themed fun! The Breakfast Club offers a delightful start to your day.

Cartoon Network is the go-to destination for entertaining, engaging, and festive content this December. Don’t miss out on the fun!