Restaurant Hook Launches Campaign in Finland to Combat Malnutrition


Juha Vuoreo is the first IIMSAM Goodwill Ambassador from Finland. Juha used to be a professional basketball player in Finland playing for Vuorio played in the men’s championship series for four seasons, 1984-1986 at the Turku YMCA and 1987-1989 at Salon Palloilijo. After his basketball career, he got into the TV Production field in the late 90’s where he produced over 1000 successful TV-Shows in Finland.

With such a successful entreprenuer journey, Vuorio is a owner of restaurant in Finland called Concept Hook He also initiated a concept of his own life saving burger recipe called the Maradona Burger which is named after H.E Remegio Maradona, The General Secretariat Of IIMSAM.

The recipe contains fine Argentinian Beef and with every buy of this burger, 1 Euro goes to the kids at .R.H. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan IIMSAM Spirulina Distribution Center – Kisumu, Kenya.