ISSAM Talks About His New Album Crystal 2021


Issam Harris Moroccan rapper and songwriter specialized in trap music. He was born in Casablanca and first gained attention with his song Trap Beldi. This track earned Issam a lot of popularity as it was one of the first Moroccan trap songs to reach over 10 million views on YouTube.

His musical style consists of Auto-Tuned vocals delivered in Darija, or Moroccan vernacular Arabic, merged with classic TR 808-generated beats with elements from traditional North African music. Issam’s biggest influence is Rai, especially Chab Hasni.

Issam’s singles discography include hit songs like “Makinch Zhar” (April 2019),  “Nike” (March 2020), “Hasni” (August 2017) and “Caviar” (September 2018). Issam talks about growing up in Morocco, how he transitioned from being a fashion photographer to a rapper, the inspiration behind his style and his upcoming album Crystal which will be released on April 4th 2021

Until then stay tuned for his upcoming single “Hendrix” on 16th March 2021