The most expensive ticket in the history of football


Councilor Turki Al-Sheikh, chairman of the General Entertainment Authority, announced the launch of a global auction for a single ticket “beyond imagination” starting at one million riyals to watch the Riyadh Season Cup match that brings together Al -Hilal and Al-Nassr star against Paris St.

Turki Al-Sheikh said in a tweet via his official account on social networking site ‘Twitter’ that the auction will not start with less than one million riyals on the single ticket ‘beyond imagination’.

The ticket offers its holder a unique opportunity to attend and have lunch or dinner with the two teams, as well as other privileges such as attending the coronation and entering the dressing rooms of both teams at the match.

And Al-Sheikh said in the tweet: For the first time, the only ticket “beyond imagination” with unique and different characteristics that are very special has been auctioned. It will have benefits including participating in the crowning of the Riyadh Season Cup, honoring the winner of the cup and entering the dressing room. The auction ends on the 17th.

The match will be held between Al-Hilal and Al-Nasr stars against Paris Saint-Germain on Thursday, corresponding to January 19, on the floor of King Fahd International Stadium in the Saudi capital, Riyadh. is possible in Saudi Arabia, in the light of the support of our wise leadership, and the confrontation represents a historic event in its own right, and is unprecedented in the history of football, after requests to witness the confrontation reached more than two million of requests from 170 countries, which is the largest in football history, matches of Paris Saint-Germain.

Turki Al-Sheikh indicated that the tickets were completely sold out and the system was blocked so that the request would not greatly exceed the number, emphasizing that every second the demand for tickets increases between 10 thousand and 15 thousand requests, and he added: Praise be to God that I lived in the time of a great man and an inspiring leader. And the godfather of Kingdom’s Vision 2030, for whom this event comes as a point in the sea of ​​him. I lived during the time of Prince Muhammad bin Salman the Crown Prince and Prime Minister and the entertainment industry and all sectors of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia received the attention and care of the caretaker of the two holy mosques and the Crown Prince .

And Turki Al-Sheikh said that he had to turn off all his mobile phones because he received a huge amount of calls and messages amounting to 80 thousand messages from different countries of the world, to get tickets for the fight, indicating that there were several contacts with Nasser Al-Khulaifi, president of Paris Saint-Germain, and told him that if 100 matches were staged in Riyadh’s season, tickets would be completely sold out.

And he continued in his statements to “Al-Arabiya”: We asked the management of Paris Saint-Germain to triple the shirts of the French team to meet the request of the fans expected as part of the preparations for the match, and I agreed with my brother Nasser on issues that will soon see the light, God willing, and I am shocked by this number behind his back. A great man, I believe this issue is a turning point in the history of Paris Saint-Germain in the Middle Eastern Region, before and after this match, and I don’t forget the great active role of Emir Tamim Al Thani, Emir of the State of Qatar, and my brother Nasser Al-Khulaifi in forming this wonderful team that we are proud of as Arabs Which is owned by an Arab country and who comes to participate in an important event in a land like Riyadh.

Regarding his expectations for the confrontation, he said: “I promised the coach and players a motivational gift if they reach the cup, as we will face a great team and play and fight. God willing, Riyadh’s cup of the season he will remain in Riyadh despite the strength of the star-studded French team challenge with him.

He also announced that the match would be broadcast on many satellite channels in addition to television platforms, indicating that he would be present to watch the match.

Interestingly, the Riyadh Season Cup clash will pit Argentinian stars Lionel Messi and Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo against each other, after the latter moved on to win the Saudis, and this will be their first confrontation in 772 days after the last meeting.