Wiz Khalifa & Tyga Fly Off in Hot Air Balloons in New “Contact” Video


Wiz Khalifa just dropped the music video for his latest single “Contact” featuring Tyga, and it serves as a colorful treat complete with hot air balloons covered in marijuana graphics, loud fits, and a sky-high setting.

The deeply-saturated visuals complement the brightly colored hot air balloons, creating a colorful world the two can show off their flashy lifestyle in. “You never smoke, you think of me, you think of a ounce/You heard about me, now you wanna see what it’s ’bout,” Wiz raps from high in the sky. “I be smokin’ on some gas, yeah, give the cash, yeah/Hear they got you comin’ fast, yeah, make it last, yeah.” Accompanied by dancers above and below, Wiz and Tyga trade verses over money, weed and women.