The UAE passport on Tuesday jumped three spots to list as the fourth most powerful passport in the world.


According to ranking by Passport Index, the UAE passport now shares its berth with passports from the Czech Republic and Hungary.

The UAE passport now has a visa-free score of 162, which means UAE citizens can now enter these many countries either without a visa or with a visa on arrival.

Singapore and Germany, with visa-free scores of 165, lead the list, while US, South Korea, France, Denmark and Sweden are among the 11 countries that share the second spot with a score of 164. Switzerland, UK and Canada are among the countries ranked third, with a score of 163.

It was only last week that the UAE passport had climbed to the seventh spot.

Meteoric rise to the top

No other country has seen such meteoric advancement in its rankings in such a short time frame.

The UAE remains the most powerful passport in the region, beating out all other Arab or GCC countries in the race to the top.

“The UAE’s dedication and vision has given it a solid foundation upon which to build its future,” Passport Index had earlier said.

“Its unparalleled advancement is due to progress in technological, educational, investment and infrastructure realms.”

In 2017, the UAE had announced a daring goal of positioning the country’s passport on the list of the five most important passports in the world by 2021.