Top 10 Egyptian Rappers You Need To Know


10 – Ahmed Santa

Ahmed Santa, also known as Moscow or Yaqout, is a Egyptian rapper who is fairly new to the scene. He is known for his skillfulness in freestyle and the rap battles he participates in in the streets of Cairo. Even though he is young, he is one of the best lyricists in the Egyptin hip hop scene. His biggest hits include Goal featuring  Abo El Anwar and Lil Baba which reached 1.9M views on Youtube and ELNaw Wy which reached almost 900k views on Youtube.

9 – Shehab

Shehab also known as ELDab3 is an Egyptain rapper. He started out as a producer and transitioned to being a rapper in 2016. He officially released his first song in 2019 titled “My Zone”, which caught attention in the field of songs in Egypt. He later then released “7asana”, which was the first Egyptian song in the field of hip-hop that could compete on an international level. ‏His biggest hits include Msh Msykeb which did 2.3M views on Youtube and Satfli Floosi which is currently at 930k views. 

8 – Afroto

Ahmed Mohammed AKA Afroto is an Egyptian rapper and beatboxer from Alexandria. He became a star in the Egyptian rap scene after the release of his first track “Dh Wa7sh”. He started his hip hop career as a beatboxer in 2013 in Alexandria, he was known as one of the beatboxers in Egypt. He then went on to rap in 2016, his most successful tracks include “Msh hgoolk Baby” Feat Wigz and “El 7arb Bada2t”.

7 – Batistuta

Mahmoud Ashraf aka Batistuta, is an underground Rapper, Hip hop artist, and producer from Alexandria Egypt. He began his rap career in 2006, he is mostly known for his freestyles and lyrics that deal with a mixture of social problems,political issues and personal experiences. His biggest hits include Ezayak Feat L5VAV and EL MOLED.

6 – Abo El Anwar

Abo El AnwarAbo El Anwar is a Cairo-based rapper with playful, anecdotal lyrics, engaging fans within the broader tradition of ‘trap’. He started garnering attention after releasing music with fellow Egyptian rapper, Abyusif in 2019. Since then, he has released two EP’s of his own. Hisstyle of rap gained momentum during the Arab Spring, where political edge is disseminated through poetic lyrics and uninhibited beats.

5 – Shahyn

Ahmed Shahin (aka Shahyn) is one of the first names in the Egyptian hip hop scene. At a young age, he was already recording independent tracks and hitting the stage with Alexandrian rap group “Y Crew.” His performance in the award winning Egyptian movie “Microphone” further cemented his name in the entertainment industry. Shahyn is synonymous with Egyptian Rap and is now presenting a new identity as he is performing and recording as a solo hip-hop artist. His biggest hits include Ma 3aleena and XLANCE Feat BASYONI and L5VAV.

4 – Marwan Pablo

3 – Abyusif

Youssef Altay AKA Abuyusif, is known as the “King Of Egypt’s underground rap scene.” He is acknowledged as a pioneer of Egypt’s now-huge rap scene, paving a lane of his own that made way for the multitude of rappers that followed. Today, Abyusif’s videos tend to hit at least 1 million views on YouTube. His music video for his track ‘Ana Msh H2dr 7ad’currently stands at 2.1 million views. Abyusif cracked the code to staying relevant with lyrics that focus primarily on daily Egyptian life. 

2 – Marwan Moussa

Marwan Moussa is a Rapper and producer Moussa who began his career in 2017 and rose to fame in 2019 with his hit song “Nhayt El 3alam.” He has appeared in TV ads for We, Etisalat, and Freska and performed on the official song for the 27th Men’s Handball World Championship Cup 2021 alongside Tamer Hosny and Hoda Sherbeeny. In 2020, Moussa was among the 50 most-streamed Arab singers on Anghami and the most-streamed artists in MENA on Deezer. He has over 468,000 subscribers on YouTube, with his videos viewed more than 39 million times as of March 19, 2021.

1 – Wegz

Egyptian Hip Hop artist Wegz is one of the most established Egyptian trap artists of his generation. At only 19 years of age, Wegz grew in recognition in a short space of time, blossomed out of a highly competitive grass root led trap movement. His first single ”TNT”, shot with basic production capabilities, hit 1.8 million views. His biggest hits include Dorak Gai which reached 65M views on Youtube and El Ghasala which sits at 17M views. Wegz is only one of the top Hip hop artists in Egypt to break into the mainstream space and do mainstream numbers.