The Most Successful Libyan Music Artist: Bahjat


Bahjat is an independent music artist from Libya, living in Malta and making music in Stockholm, Sweden. With over 20,000,000 on-demand streams, and 50,000,000+ collective views on YouTube, Bahjat is already one of the most successful Libyan music artists in history.

Born and raised in sunny Tripoli, Libya, Bahjat and his family fled to Malta after the Arab spring in 2011, which was a major turning point in his life. In the fall of 2017, Bahjat stumbled upon an opportunity to spend a few months at Musikmakarna, a pop music academy in the north of Sweden, where he met his songwriting and production heroes Max Martin and Johan Shellback.

With today’s music landscape being more multicultural than ever, Bahjat is emerging as a pioneer from the Arab world offering ambitious youth a much-needed role model. By blazing trails and overcoming hardships, Bahjat is an advocate for the fact that one’s circumstances do not define your future.