The Dubai Fountain Reopens With New Regulations


Dubai’s most iconic sights has reopened to the public, with the Dubai Fountain resuming its nightly show.

The music, light and water performance, which takes place in front of the Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa, has been closed for two months due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Over the weekend, the Dubai Fountain made its return, with a string of safety measures in place.

Visitors have their temperature screened on arrival, and must wear a face mask at all times. Most of the regular entry points have been closed off, with all guests funnelled through the car park entrance.

In order to maintain social distancing while watching the show, yellow markers have been placed on the ground, demonstrating exactly where viewers should stand. Temporary fencing has also been erected to help guide the flow of traffic along the promenade.

The first show kicked off at 6pm last night, with a performance of “Dubai Kawkab Aakhar” (“Dubai is another planet”) by Emirati poet Anwar Almsheeri. It was followed by a romantic ballad from Latin American crooner Enrique Iglesias.

The Dubai Fountain will now come to life every night of the week, on the hour from 6pm to 10pm.