The Alternative Palestinian Artist Rasha Nahas Releases The Fall


The track was initially released on YouTube back in 2017, but Rasha admits that there  was a different energy coming from her band when they started recording earlier this  year. She decided to rework the track so that it more closely captures the spirit of the  whole project, and in just one take, new life was breathed into the ‘The Fall’. 

This is also the first time the song will be available across audio streaming platforms  worldwide. 

‘The Fall is emblematic of Rasha’s experimental sound, colored with distinctive,  cabaret-styled overtones. She wrote the track in the summer of 2014, during the war on  Gaza. “I arrived in Berlin and it felt very dissonant to watch the news from home and not be  there. ‘The Fall’ is multi-faceted – fall, as in the season, as in love, as in the context of  the Arab spring, and as the composition that climbs and falls in the end of every verse  carrying distorted emotions and scenes.”

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