Sculptor Idriss B’s Statues Were Helicoptered Through Dubai Yesterday


If you looked to the skies around Dubai Marina this morning, you may have done a double-take. Forget birds flying past, today two gigantic gold statues in the shape of a tiger and gorilla were flying amongst the skyscrapers.

The internet in Dubai has lit up after the spectacle, with videos being posted to various social media accounts. As the statues were tugged along by helicopters, undoubtedly, the question on everyone’s lips was, where were they heading?

After flying past Pier 7 and many other recognizable Dubai Marina landmarks, the giant statues came to rest at their new home: the recently-opened Wane by SoMiya pool club and lounge at the Address Dubai Marina hotel.

The pool club confirmed the news via its Instagram page this morning, reposting a number of videos that had been captured by eagle-eyed Dubai residents. Whilst the statues, designed by sculptor Idriss B, may have looked big in the sky, they’re colossal now they’ve landed.