Jeff Bezos Estimated to Become First-Ever Trillionaire Within the Decade


Jeff Bezos‘ good fortunes continue, despite — or perhaps due to — the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. According to a study published by analytical firm Comparisun, the Amazon CEO will become history’s first trillionaire within the decade.

Though Bezos has pledged billions of dollars towards fighting coronavirus, the pandemic has significantly boosted his own net worth and that of his company. Amazon’s Q1 2020 report stated that it took in over $75 billion USD in revenue, perhaps at the expense of employees.

Amazon itself has dipped in and out of the so-called “trillion dollar club” in recent years, which includes the world’s most valuable tech giants: Apple, Microsoft and Google parent Alphabet. However, Bezos’ own net worth is nothing if not consistent.

Over the last five years, his wealth — which is estimated by assessing both his liquid assets and Amazon share prices — has grown by an average of 34 percent; if this trend holds consistent, Bezos will be a trillionaire by 2026 at 62 years of age. More newly-minted trillionaires may follow in ensuing years, including Alibaba’s Jack Ma (estimated 2030), LVMH’s Bernard Arnault (estimated (2033) and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg (estimated 2036). If the predictions hold true, Zuckerberg will become the world’s youngest trillionaire at 51.

In response to the pandemic, the tech giants are extending work from home regulations for employees, while Twitter is allowing its staff to permanently work remotely.