Netflix Tops HBO On Receiving Most Emmy Awards For The First Time


Netflix topped HBO with the most Emmy awards for the first time during Sunday’s ceremony.

Between the primetime awards announced on Sunday and the Creative Arts accolades handed out during ceremonies last week, Netflix took home a total of 44 awards this year. The streamer, which tied the Emmys record for most awards in a single year, previously set by CBS in 1974, received trophies in several top categories, including wins for drama series (The Crown) and limited series (The Queen’s Gambit).

Netflix beat out the total number of awards won by the next two companies combined. HBO, which received awards under its traditional television network and its streaming service, HBO Max, claimed 19 awards, with Hacks and Mare of Easttown receiving the most wins.

Disney Plus followed behind with 14 Emmy awards, with one for Hamilton and several for technical excellence during the Creative Arts ceremony. Apple TV Plus won 11 Emmys this year, with Ted Lasso receiving a total of 7 statues. This year’s Emmys were only the second for Disney Plus and Apple TV Plus, both of which launched in 2019.

Netflix and HBO have traded the title for most-nominated network, studio or streaming service since 2017, but this year’s awards marked the first time that Netflix prevailed with the most wins. Netflix once tied with HBO for the most Emmy wins in 2018, but HBO has previously led the way with the most accolades.