MSAM Honors Jordan’s King Hospital’s founder Prof. Dr. Muhammad Al-Ghazou and frontline medical corps heroes under “Gadara Initiative”


Like several countries of the world, Jordan is also facing the tumulus times due to the novel coronavirus born COVID-19 pandemic. In the present situation, the only viable solution is maintaining social distancing and proper hygienic practices at the individual and social level, which is possible through the full and dedicated participation of citizens of the country.

In the whole pandemic, the people who are at most risk are front-line heroes like Doctors, Medical Staff, Police Officers, Journalists, etc. who are risking their lives to protect us from further damage. The entire world is anxiously waiting for the vaccine, for the total eradication of the virus, which has taken lots of lives and has affected millions of people across the globe.

Prof Al-Ghazou said,” This initiative works to create a kind of familiarity and love and spread joy and pleasure, which motivates medical staff to increase productivity toward a healthy and safe environment for people.” He further emphasized “an appreciation to all institutions and individuals who initiated the positive contribution to serve the nation and donate to the hospital.”

IIMSAM is an intergovernmental observer that works in several countries dedicatedly to eradicate hunger and malnutrition through the use of spirulina Micro-algae. Fresh food high in nutrients like- Spirulina has been found useful in improving the immunity of the body, which in turn helps in the fighting virus in general.

IIMSAM has been known for various other humanitarian activities throughout the world. Its goodwill ambassadors and youth ambassadors have worked selflessly during such time for the help of people who are not only fighting against novel coronavirus but with economic uncertainty as well. Goodwill ambassadors in countries like India and Pakistan have distributed food and life-saving items to people in need, at multiple times in different locations.

Through Gadara, Initiative IIMSAM has provided it again that it is one of the best humanitarian organizations working with the sole purpose of human betterment.