Justin Bieber Sets A New All-Time Spotify Record for Monthly Listeners


On Saturday, Justin Bieber was revealed to have broken the all-time Spotify monthly listener record, having earned 83.3 million monthly listeners and holding onto the most monthly listeners in the platform’s history, Chart Data reports. 

It’s an impressive achievement, given that no other artist on the platform at the moment is cracking anywhere near 80 million. Behind JB sits fellow Canadian The Weeknd with 74.53 million monthly listeners, and behind them is Ed Sheeran, who boasts 72.41 monthly listeners right now. The woman with the most streams on the platform at the moment is Dua Lipa, with 65.5 million monthly listeners, as Doja Cat trails close behind with 60.84 million. It remains unclear who JB beat out on the all-time list on his road to 83.3 million listeners. 

Bieber’s current numbers shouldn’t be too surprising, though. The pop heavy-weight still has the No. 1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 alongside The Kid LAROI with “Stay,” and his decision to hop on Wizkid and Tems’ pre-existing summer smash “Essence” has only helped his streams rise. 

“Stay” has already spent six weeks on the chart but it’s still holding on strong with 448,000,000 Spotify streams to date, surely adding to JB’s current fan counts on the platform.