Inside The $50M Largest Penthouse In Dubai


Dubai is full of impressive properties, but it’s not often that you have the chance to stay in some of the city’s most exclusive homes.

But thanks to websites like Airbnb, anyone can stay the night in a luxury Dubai home, and we might have just found one of the most impressive.

Located at the top of the city’s tallest residential tower, The Penthouse at 23 Marina really lives up to its name. The 3,994 square metre property is housed across three floors, and offers 360° panoramic views of the city thanks to its floor to ceiling windows.
The Penthouse boasts eight terraces, one of which houses one of the world’s highest swimming pools, as well as three bars, a cigar lounge, nightclub, home cinema, six bedrooms, 18 bathrooms, and an industrial kitchen. The space also features a number of secret passageways, inspired by Belgian surrealist Rene Magritte who famously liked to blur the boundaries between reality and dreams.