IIMSAM’s Secretary-General Remigio Maradona has appointed Mr. Subodh Narain Agrawal an Indian/British National a Goodwill Ambassador and Spokesperson for the Secretary-General in support of IIMSAM’s Institutional Development in India – Global Communications to promote advocacy in favour of the IIMSAM Mandate and the United Nations SDGS 2030. The Secretary-General is grateful for his commitment and dedicated humanitarian service to the Organisation on a “Pro Bono” basis. H.E. Agrawal brings to the position years of private sector experience gained in an international career that has included some of the most innovation creative business ventures as an International Venture Capitalist. A pundit in various industries (Film, Music others)… Adaptable at planning, problem-solving, and up to date on all trends and industry news.

Comments by the IIMSAM SG R. Maradona: “H.E. Agrawal has a proven track record over four decades during his lifelong business endeavours.” “Ambassador Agrawal will be a great asset to our organisation not only in India but worldwide.” “ Always on the cusp and leading edge of new trends and innovations, he has become a true Maverick and business innovator and a recognised name in the world of international business.” “He brings a rare earthy, international touch to all deals he works on, has consistently demonstrated strong leadership abilities, is best known for his ability to think big and face challenges head on which coincides well with IIMSAM. He is a true Renaissance Businessman with a heart.”

IIMSAM Good Will Ambassador/Spokesperson Mr. Agrawal, commented: “Mr. Subodh Narain Agrawal is the executive Chairman at Euromax Capital Limited. “ First I want to thank our Secretary-General Remigio Maradona for giving me this opportunity to not only help iimsam but those who are forgoWen and in particular the hungry and acute malnourished kids in our planet.” “ I have been working for over four decades in International business development across Asia, Far East, Europe & USA including a stint in strategic advisory/investment banking services in California. My goal is to continue working and cursing special opportunities with the understanding that the Twenty-First-Century Business is about multiculturalism, Humanitarianism, and inclusiveness, and I strongly feel that through IIMSAM we can all learn to work together for Peace, Tolerance and help IIMSAM and the United Nations System for a better world.”

Selected Career Highlights of H.E. Mr. Subodh Narain Agrawal: Euromax Capital Founder & Chairman with 40 years’ top level experience-Participated in M&A transactions valued in excess of $30bn particularly in the telecom, steel, oil and gas and mining sectors and has advised on equity & other financings in excess of $10bn in infrastructure, engineering, metals, media, textiles, aviation, mining, hospitality etc. in India, Africa and Europe including for Indian & global majors. Had developed Strategic partnership with China Centre for International Economic Exchanges (CCIEE) Pioneered LNG in India in 1995. Goodwill Ambassador: Subodh enjoys very strong and long relationships at strategic levels across the world and enjoys special relationships and confidence of business and political leaders in India, South East Asia, Africa, Middle East and East Europe. Special Advisor to the ‘Olusegun Obasanjo’ foundation, founded by the former president of Nigeria, which is involved in the advancement of human security throughout Africa. A Trustee of Pratham UK [India’s premier charity literacy movement involved in the education of 100 million children], had served as Director of The Rajasthan Foundation. India. Japan global partnership (IJGP) among others. He is a Patron of ‘The Loomba Foundation,’ a charity caring for widows and children. Subodh is on The Advisory Committee of Indo European Business Forum. He received Society ‘Global Indian Icon’ award in 2018 for outstanding achievement in business, he had received in 2017 ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ Award at the Asian Business Awards, which recognise Asian business excellence, acumen and achievement and in 2016 ‘Leader of the decade’ creating bonds beyond boundaries at Women Economic Forum.