Hyundai Motor Group to Debut Nine Fully Electric Vehicles for 2021


Hyundai Motor Group is set to debut a handful of fully electric vehicles for 2021 under its new line IONIQ. Just three weeks ago, the company revealed that it had three cars planned for the next four years.

Hyundai Motor Group just announced that it will introduce more than nine new electric cars, consisting of various segment models — A to E. The lineup will include the IONIQ 5 C-segment CUV (crossover utility vehicle), IONIQ 6 C-segment sedan, IONIQ 6 A-segment CUV, IONIQ 6 B-segment SUV, IONIQ 6 D-segment sedan, IONIQ 6 D-segment SUV, IONIQ 6 E-segment sedan and MPV (multipurpose vehicle), to name a few. Additionally, Hyundai Motor Group announced that its Genesis will be introducing at least three electric sedan and SUV models. So far, specific details on the upcoming models remain scarce.