Hindash Launches The Highly Anticipated Liner For All, “HEROLINE”


Dubai’s multi-faceted artist Hindash began his beauty journey on YouTube, where he has garnered over 70 million channel views and 1.7 million subscribers. The beauty guru started his venture into the cosmetics industry in March 2021, which saw the launch of his eponymous label along with the debut of Beautopsy, the multi-use gradient palette that’s first in line for Hindash Cosmetics.

Following the successful launch of his Beautopsy Gradient Palette, celebrity makeup artist Hindash has just unveiled Heroline – the highly anticipated second chapter in his namesake brand, Hindash Cosmetics. Heroline is an ultra-black eyeliner made for extreme wear and precision. Its vegan rich ink formula matched with the brush tip length makes gliding on your liner so intuitive, yet extremely bold and resistant. Heroline is encased in a luxurious aluminum columned shell designed to give you the ultimate grip for precise application.

Hindash unveiled the Beautopsy Gradient Palette to the public with a visual announcement on the world’s most attractive landmark, the Burj Khalifa. Beautopsy has quickly become a fan favorite, with Cult Beauty stating it as “One of the most game-changing palletes we’ve ever laid our eyes on.

” The Hindash Cosmetics label is set to provide Hindash followers with an innovative and timeless product-line, that Hindash himself has developed through years of visualization and manifestation.