Government entities, celebrities and creators come together on TikTok to help its community stay safe and informed about COVID-19


World Health Organization, UNICEF, celebrities and creators are coming together on TikTok to help the TikTok community stay safe and informed 

 Amidst the global concerns around coronavirus (COVID-19), short-form video platform TikTok is taking steps to help its community by providing access to accurate information in partnership with trusted health organizations, and supporting users around the world in ways that are positive and beneficial through in-app initiatives.

The World Health Organization and UNICEF are some of the entities now using TikTok to share useful content and shed light on how to stay safe. At the same time, many TikTok creators are also playing an important role in sharing tips on staying safe.

The World Health Organization (@who) is also present on TikTok to provide accurate information, provide reliable health advice, and reinforce practical ways in which people around the world can protect themselves. In partnership with @who, TikTok also customized quiz stickers in both English and Arabic that encourage users to be part of the safety awareness campaign by actively learning more about the novel coronavirus and COVID-19.

Other than these organizations, the TikTok community is rallying together amidst these difficult times. An Arabic hashtag #معا_ضد_كورونا  aimed at keeping a united front and standing together against coronavirus, has garnered 302.6 Million views on TikTok, including from celebrities Raya Abirached (@rayaofficial), Ali Al Kalidie (@alialkalidie), Saif Nabeel (@saif.nabeel86), Somaya El Khashab (@somayaelkhashab), Maya Diab (@diabmaya).