From Morocco to the Red Bull BC One World Final Zurich



Credit: Little Shao

From Morocco and now resides in Innsbruck Austria , B-Boy Wolfer is a member of El Mouwahidin crew and started breaking in December 2008, at just 16 years old.

Credit: Dean Treml 

Wolfer got his name in school when he had to read a story about animals and characters and his character was the wolf. He liked the name and his brother liked it too and he started to call him wolf and since then it grew, till it became The Wolfer.

Credit: Romina Amato

Wolfer has won the Red Bull BC one Morocco Cypher 2014 and Red Bull BC one Austria Cypher 2017 and 2018.

Credit: Romina Amato

Wolfer explains what obstacles he has gone through to make it this far and this is the first time he is competing in the Red Bull BC One World Final Zurich. He also mentions how history has been made in this years BC ONE by having three bboys from the same crew in the world finals.