Famous Tokyo ‘Kill Bill’ Restaurant Is Opening In Dubai


If you’ve seen Quentin Tarantino’s 2004 blockbuster Kill Bill, you’ll likely remember Uma Thurman’s famous fight scene in a Tokyo restaurant. The Bride Vs Gogo scene was shot in Gonpachi Restaurant, which has now become synonymous with the movie.

Gonpachi is known not only for appearing in the film, but also its incredible authentic Japanese cuisine. If you’re into fresh soba noodles, kushi-style grilled skewers, and tempura, then you’ll be pleased to know Gonpachi is opening a branch right here in Dubai.

The original restaurant has a large open seating area, with wicker sliding doors, an industrial-style metal staircase and and deep orange fabric decorations. The room glows from white lantern lights, while the furniture is made from dark wood.