Dubai Is Known To Be Safest City In The World


The World Tourism Organisation praised the city for its efforts…

A top official at the World Tourism Organisation has praised Dubai for its efforts in keeping tourists and tourism workers safe.

According to Gulf News, Marcelo Risi, chief of the Communications Department of World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), said: “Dubai deserves recognition for pro-actively working to keep both tourists and tourist workers as safe as possible”.

“UNWTO is pleased to see Dubai and many other destinations around the world promoting collaboration and solidarity to support our sector and restart tourism,” he continued.

Mr Risi also touched on the launch of Expo 2020 ahead of the new start date in October 2021. In an interview with Gulf News,the tourism chief congratulated the city on pushing ahead in these uncertain times.

“This sends a strong message of determination,” he said. “We will do our part to rebuild with more economic and social resilience, that means not just growing, but growing better”.

In order for the tourism industry to begin thriving again, Risi believes that everyone should play their part. This includes wearing protective masks, keeping a safe distance from others, and getting vaccinated.