Dubai Health Authority Answers Your Questions About The Vaccination


Considering taking the vaccination but have some questions? Get your answers from the right source and reach out to the health authorities in your city.

To help clear up some questions you may have, the Dubai Health Authority has shared some of the most common questions that are asked. The response has been given by Chairperson of Covid-19 Vaccination Steering Committee of DHA, Dr. Farida Al Khaja.

Q: I recovered from Covid-19 earlier. Can I get vaccinated? 

Dr. Farida Al Khaja: People who were infected with Covid-19 can get the vaccine after three months, post-infection.

Q: When will the second phase of vaccination begin? When will everyone be allowed to receive the vaccine? 

Dr. Farida Al Khaja: We are in the first phase of the vaccination which is supposed to end by March 2021 by covering all the priority categories which were determined. The second phase is supposed to start in April 2021. However, if we can finish the first phase before March 2021, we will definitely open the vaccine before April to everyone – the locals and residents of Dubai.

Q: When can a person who received the vaccine not wear a mask?

Dr. Farida Al Khaja: Wearing a mask is a must and we ask all the people to wear it whether they are vaccinated or not vaccinated. It is important to follow all the safety measurements set by the government.

Q: Is it safe to have more than one type of Covid vaccine?

Dr. Farida Al Khaja: It is not safe to take different vaccines for the same disease as per the scientific studies that are available.

Q: Do you recommend individuals with chronic diseases to get the vaccine?