Coronavirus: What You Need To Know About The UAE’s New Fines


From when you need to wear a face mask, to if you can leave the house…

The UAE has introduced 15 new fines, aimed to curb the spread of corona-virus in the country.

The penalties range from Dhs1,000 for not wearing a face mask correctly or having too many people in your car, to Dhs50,000 for disobeying quarantine instructions.

According to state news agency WAM, the UAE Attorney-General, Dr. Hamad Saif Al Shamsi, clarified the new penalties yesterday – including exactly who needs to wear a face mask, and when.

What the new penalties mean for you

There is a Dhs1,000 fine for not wearing a medical mask indoors if you have cold and flu symptoms, or are suffering a chronic illness. You’ll also be fined Dhs1,000 for failing to maintain social distance.

Drivers with more than three people in the car may be fined Dhs1,000.

And people who leave their house unnecessarily could be fined Dhs3,000 – this does not apply to people who are working in vital roles or if you’re shopping for essentials.

Thinking about hosting a get-together at your house? You might want to think again, with fines of Dhs10,000 for organizing a public or private gathering, meeting or celebration, or for congregating in a group in public places. Participants will also receive a Dhs5,000 fine.

Other fines include:

  • Dhs1,000 fine for unnecessarily visiting health facilities
  • Dhs2,000 for violating precautionary measures issued by the Ministry of Health and Prevention by passengers coming to the UAE from countries infected by a communicable disease
  • Dhs3,000 fine for refusing an order to dispose of any items, including clothes and luggage, that are or might be contaminated by any pathogen, if they can’t be disinfected by established procedures
  • Dhs3,000 fine for violating the executive regulations of the Law on Communicable Diseases when burying or transporting a dead body infected with a communicable disease
  • Dhs5,000 for refusing to submit to a medical test
  • Dhs5,000 fine for the executive in charge of managing a company or a facility that violates the sterilization measures of public or private means of transportation
  • Dhs10,000 fine for failing to take precautionary measures for the crew of shelter ships
  • Dhs50,000 fine and administrative closure for receiving customers at educational institutions, cinemas, gyms, sports clubs, malls, shopping centers, outdoor markets, parks, cafés and restaurants (supermarkets, grocery stores and pharmacies are exempt from this)
  • Dhs50,000 fine and administrative closure for failing to temporarily suspend an establishment. A Dhs500 fine will also be issued for a customer
  • Dhs50,000 for violating mandatory hospitalization, or disobeying quarantine instructions at home or private facilities

The new penalties came into effect on March 26, and fines will be doubled for repeat offenders.