Conor McGregor Retires From UFC

in their UFC lightweight championship bout during the UFC 229 event inside T-Mobile Arena on October 6, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Hey guys I’ve decided to retire from fighting,” Conor tweeted. “Thank you all for the amazing memories! What a ride it’s been! Here is a picture of myself and my mother in Las Vegas post one of my world title wins! Pick the home of your dreams Mags I love you! Whatever you desire it’s yours.”

The 31-year-old ends his career on a high note. At UFC 246, Conor defeated Donald Cerrone in a welterweight bout via a 40-second TKO. That was his first victory in over three years giving him a 22-4 record. 

This isn’t the first time McGregor has claimed to put down his gloves. His latest retirement is the third time he’s made this decision in four years. After both his 2016 and 2019 retirements, McGregor found his way back into the ring for a massive fight and payoff. But during a conversation with ESPN on Sunday, the 31-year-old gives the impression that this isn’t a move to generate attention. 

“The game just does not excite me, and that’s that,” McGregor said. “All this waiting around. There’s nothing happening. I’m going through opponent options, and there’s nothing really there at the minute. There’s nothing that’s exciting me.”