Beloved Lebanese Indie-Pop Group Adonis Releases The First Part Of Their Highly Anticipated Fifth Studio Album.


Lebanese band Adonis launched the first part of its much anticipated three part fifth studio album “A’da” (Enemies) on January 21, with the second part to follow on February 4, and the final part due on February 18.

“A’da – Part 1” includes the album’s title track, as well as three other songs, “Mouharrami” (Forbidden), “Men Ajmal Ma” (The Prettiest Sight) and “Al Ati A’zam” (The Best is yet to come). “A’da” is a stand alone track detached from the album’s austere, ” it is described by the band as a love story between two young, impressionable characters, that unravels from song to song to tackle themes of nostalgia and lost futures in the setting of an elusive, sometimes cruel, present.

The album’s second and third parts will feature seven additional brand-new songs, including a collaboration with singer/songwriter Dana Hourani. The Band will be celebrating their 10 year anniversary this year, they were Formed in 2011 by Anthony Khoury and Joey Abou Jaoude, Adonis first attracted attention with debut single ‘Stouh Adonis’ (2012), a pop-folk celebration of nocturnal adventures on the rooftops of a small suburban town. The four-piece have since performed at major venues, such as the Amman Roman Amphitheatre, and at events across the Arab world like the Beirut Holidays concert series and Dubai’s Step Music Festival.

Adonis has also written music for Netflix, Pepsi, Lipton, Brazil’s Globo TV, and the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism. In July 2019, their fourth album, ‘12 Sa’a’, was launched at the Jounieh International Festival, as the group prepared to embark on their first European tour. The band now prepare the launch of their 5th studio album A’da on January 21st, 2021.

WRITTEN BY: Majid Alhusseini