Beirut Based Rapper Chyno with a Why? Releases His New Album “MAMLUK”


On 21-01-21, Chyno with a Why? released his new album “Mamluk”.
It speaks to the marginalization of migrant communities around the world and pairs Chyno’s unique perspective of the world around him with his uncanny talent to spit on a wide range of beats.

His latest release of 2020 vision reflected on the struggles faced in Beirut following the tragic events of 2020 and featured fellow Hip Hop pioneer El Rass.


Chyno with a Why? is the first artist to be signed by Warner Music Middle East and the team is excited to have him on board. The multi-faceted artist has been working on the album for over a year. He put the project together and brought artists from all over the region together as well as getting his hands dirty producing and directing music videos.

Chyno with a Why? is a rapper and producer of mixed Syrian and Filipino heritage. As a founding member of the legendary Beirut-based Hip Hop crew Fareeq El Atrash and a prolific artist who toured Europe and the MENA region multiple times, he is no stranger to the scene.

His music deals with the themes of disenfranchisement and marginalization that he has faced in his life and speaks to deeper issues affecting millions around the globe.


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