Warner Music Group & Polygon Labs Announce Web3 Music Accelerator


Warner Music Group (WMG) and Polygon Labs have teamed up to ignite innovation in the music industry with a groundbreaking music accelerator program. This dynamic partnership brings the power of blockchain and Web3 technologies to the forefront, promising exciting opportunities for artists and fans, and providing support to developers to create music-related dApps.

Polygon is a leading blockchain scaling platform built on top of the Ethereum blockchain and aims to make use of the blockchain more accessible through efficient and cheaper transactions as well as easy to deploy smart contracts. Polygon Labs, a division of Polygon, focuses on exploring and implementing innovative solutions in the Web3 space, collaborating with industry partners to drive forward the adoption of blockchain technology in various sectors.

WMG and Polygon Labs aim to foster artist-fan communities, decentralize music production and distribution, innovate ticketing solutions, explore music merchandise and collectibles, and integrate music with interactive technology and gaming. Selected projects will receive funding, mentorship, marketing and networking opportunities from experts in music and blockchain.

Web3 can provide musicians and event organizers with ways to connect with and monetize fans in more meaningful ways, develop gated communities and collectibles, offer decentralized music distribution and fairer and more secure ticketing systems. Additionally, the rise of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) enable unique ownership of music assets and exclusive experiences.

This music accelerator program empowers artists and entrepreneurs to reimagine music creation, distribution, and fan engagement. To apply, fill out the form here.