TikTok Donates $10 Million to Help Fight Coronavirus


TikTok has pledged to donate $10 million to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Solidarity Response Fund to aid in the fight against the coronavirus. This fund helps the WHO send essential supplies to health care workers, providing communities with the latest science-based information and life-saving treatments or vaccines.

“There are no words to express the debt we all owe those who are putting their personal safety at risk, who are voluntarily separating themselves from their own families, who are working around the clock and under incredibly challenging circumstances to save lives,” said Alex Zhu, President, TikTok. “Alongside many great companies and individuals, we’re passionate about doing our small part to contribute to this important cause and the critical work the fund enables.”

Additionally, TikTok continues to donate supplies to countries and communities in need, while also acquiring masks for health care workers and aiding in the distribution of food for students, teachers, and families affected by school closures. The company is also matching employee donations to various local and global initiatives including the WHO, Red Cross, and other direct relief programs.