The Rise of Hip Hop Music in Malta: 215 Collective


Malta is an island country located in the central Mediterranean Sea that inhabits a population of not more than a million yet.

However, this hasn’t stop the Maltese people from tapping into the latest technology and trends that’s happening in the world currently.

Music has been a growing movement lately for the younger generation, specially the hip-hop genre.

215 Collective is a Maltese Hip Hop collective who are the next upcoming talent in their music industry. They started making music in the late 2016 and ever since that they have been consistent on releasing their music.

#1 Introduce yourselves and where are you’ll based from?

The 215Collective is a hip-hop collective based in Malta currently consisting of 2 Rappers – Eddie Fresco and Caro which are both 21 years old, our DJ, I.YOU and other creatives.

#2 Tell us more about how did you’ll form 215 collective?

215 was founded by Eddie Fresco in 2016, alongside Caro and our former member Yannick the main goal set for the collective was to break Malta’s sadly very low standard of production,which would mean putting in extra work to deliver music and visuals which would break the cycle of poor quality artistry.

#3 Who are the current members of 215 collective?

The current members are  Eddie Fresco and Caro which are both 21 years old, our DJ, I.YOU and other creatives.

#4 Continuing to focus on your route towards being true music artists, Who are 215 biggest inspirations in the music industry?

As we are both very different artists, we have different inspirations, for example, Eddie is more into the underground / trap scene when it comes to hip-hop.. acts like XXXTentacion, Robb Banks, Offset and ASAP Rocky are some of Eddies favourites.

While Caro find more inspirations from artists like Mac Miller, Mic Righteous and Avelino. We both have the same love for Frank Ocean and Trippie Redd though!

#5 How would you describe your music style?

Caro – Authentic

Eddie Fresco – everywhere

#6 215 collective has been releasing music since 2017. Tell us more about how has your music transformed since the last 2 years?

We’ve actually been releasing music since late 2016, I would say our music, especially production wise, has improved a lot, but the biggest change has to be in our writing abilities, you can easily tell that we are a lot more confident with our work now!

#7 Coming from a small island country in the Mediterranean Sea (Malta), where does the growth of the music culture state at this point?

There is a renaissance of music happening in Malta right now, especially with hip-hop and  as self centered as it sounds, we believe we play a major role in this ever since we’ve been releasing music we’ve seen so many artists come out of their shell to make some great music, and we’re very proud of that.

#8 What are your future plans for the upcoming year?

Our goal is always to release as much quality music as possible throughout the year to keep you entertained. While Caro will be dropping a whole lot of summer bangers this Summer, Eddie Fresco will be releasing his first Mixtape titled ‘INCOGNITO’ on the 6th of September, with features from Wifisfuneral, FREEWILL and more.

#9 What message would you like to spread to all the young artists and musicians out there?

If music is what you want to do, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. This career path takes a lot of hard work,sleepless nights and disappointments but if you believe in yourself enough to fight through every obstacle that will come in your way, you will grow to do beautiful things work hard and never give up!

You can stream Eddie Fresco and Caro now on Spotify