Manchester Rapper Drops Maxi Zee “That Ish” ft. Mab Shcola


Maxi Zee is a Manchester based Hip-Hop artist with german heritage. Him grrowing up between Germany and England made him not just multilingual but also gave him the courage to start making music in both, english and german! Next to him being obsessed with music and his sound being so vastile, he had been a B-Boy since young age. Before he started travelling the world with his music he was already used to it as a Break-Dancer.

What is “That Ish” we all like and can’t deny? Good Music of course. Which Manchester based Rappers, Maxi Zee & Mab Shcola definitely are supplying in their recent release “That Ish”. This Song has it all! Relate-able Content, Slick Wordplay, New and refreshing Flows, a SUPER catchy Hook and a unique Beat that simply BANGS! Both of these original, up-and-coming Artist are really not messing about by kicking off the year just right.

The passion and chemistry in this song showcases their potential and how talented these two musicians really are. The Song feels almost seamless the way the Hook transitions from verse to verse and how Maxi Zee’s and Mab Shcola’s Performances complimenting not just each other but the whole of this wonderful piece of music.

Listen to Maxi Zee – That Ish (ft.MAB Shcola)