DaniLeigh Talks Debut Album ‘The Plan’, Working With Prince And More


DaniLeigh, is one of the many successful new artists, rose to fame for viral reasons, thanks to her breakout hit “Lil Bebe” and now-famous take on Drake’s “In My Feelings” dance challenge. But unlike most new artists, she’s already shared the stage with big music stars—like Pharrell, J. Cole, and Jeremih—thanks to her career as a dancer. She also directed and co-starred in Prince’s “Breakfast Can Wait” music video when she was just 18. With these coups under her belt, the South Florida native rose as a solo musician with the experience and charisma of a seasoned artist.


Let’s go back to your beginnings, before making music you were dancing professionally, tell us when did you start dancing?

My mom actually was a dancer and a model back in the day, when she was in New York. My dad could sing a little bit, but the singing comes from his side for sure. His sister sang in church, his dad’s name was Beethoven. It was just a super musical family. I even had a famous cousin, I think, in the Dominican Republic, who was a singer.

You directed a video for the prince to tell more about it and How did you guys meet?

I guess you could say Prince started that for me. He saw that in me and wanted to see what I could do with that as an artist. It was my first time doing anything as far as directing, so I practiced that. And just from being on set as a dancer, I got to meet different directors and be in the background and see how they would handle things, so I learned from that. I love it ’cause I get to be creatively involved with all of my visuals as well, so that just shows another side of that everything I’m doing is really genuine and true to who I am because I’m involved in everything.

At first, he just wanted me to submit a video of me dancing, I’m assuming for choreography and then after I sent him the video, he was like, “Okay, I want you to write a treatment for the video and direct it, and I’m gonna give you a whole budget.”

Where do you find your artistic inspiration and from whom?

Rihanna , Beyoncé and J-Lo . I feel like that’s the same career path I want to follow, and they’re legends, and they’re women, so it’s really dope to see. I feel like I have that same career path coming along for me.

You have worked with Chris Brown on the track Easy which was in your 1st album and this was a remix. How did the link up happen?

Chris Brown brought a lot to the record and he’s an amazing artist and super talented. We actually have a couple songs, it was cool. It’s funny seeing the different processes of artists and the way they work. His was cool to see. He’s similar to me really. We go in and do melodies, then I write it in the process of it all.

You have been to Dubai before and performed at Sole DXB 18. How was the experience of performing in Dubai and seeing your music has come way far and literally on the other side of the world?

This is my second time in Dubai, it’s really futuristic with all the beautiful architecture out here. It’s a dream come through to see that this is just the beginning and I have come along way with my music to see that fact that I have fans out here in the Middle East. This is what keeps me going to move further on. I just honestly want the whole world to hear my music.

What do you have for us in 2020? Should your fans and us be expecting a new album?

2020 is going to be another big year. Working on some more music and more..

What message would you like to convey to your audience and fans out there?

Follow your dreams, never give up on them. Consistence is key!!