EZOW Announces New EP ‘Concrete Jungle’


The Emirati international Hip-Hop Artist and Songwriter EZOW has officially announced the release of his new EP, Concrete Jungle. The album announcement comes alongside the artist’s new track “Kaiju Mode.”

The Dubai rapper’s breakout EP, Concrete Jungle dropped today on all streaming platforms. The artist took to social media earlier this week to debut a trailer for the EP. EZOW accompanies the post with a caption, “After months of working on this & countless nights in the studio, I’m very excited to say this is some of my best work till date & I can’t wait to share it with the world.” 

The new track “Bad Temper” debuts as a hard-hitting anthem that goes into details of EZOW’s rockstar status.

The Concrete Jungle EP features another highly-anticipated track, “No Way Home” which was previously teased in a trailer.


Watch Concrete Jungle Official Trailer

EZOW muses on the changes he’s encountered in both his personal life and business since the 2020 release of his first single “Pay Off”.

His inspiration and knowledge of great musicians past and present, including Drake, Kanye West, Travis Scott, 50 Cent, and Future have all shaped his sound. With his identity grounded in two different cultures, EZOW is bridging a gap and creating music that connects them. EZOW aims to create Dubai sound and promote it worldwide through his music.

EZOW was appointed as IIMSAM Youth-Goodwill Ambassador in support of the United Nations decade of action 2020-2030 sustainable development goals.

CONCRETE JUNGLE is an EP that consists of 6 full-length tracks. The EP narrates the story of EZOW’s journey in chasing his dream towards making music and along the way, the challenges and obstacles he faces are immense.

The hit single “BAD TEMPER” was picked up by the No.1 H playlist on Apple Music “RAP LIFE”

 “Apple Music’s Global Editorial Head of Hip-Hop and R&B: “We flipped it to dig deeper into the lifestyle [and to] keep pushing the culture forward.” He heads a team of curators whose editorial mission is that: “Rap isn’t just a genre. There’s a reason it’s sometimes simply called The Culture: It’s a way of life.” Ebro Darden

“Concrete Jungle for me is a reality that I’ve lived in from having to being a kid and developing a passion in music and making it my career”.  – EZOW

It was during mid-2020 when VVIP Founder Saber Ghaith and Label Executive Sydney Miranda decided that they were going to start the first record label in the region and their vision is to bridge the gap between the Eastern and Western cultures through music.

EZOW & SAB in the studio workong on Concrete Jungle EP

“When I heard EZOW’s demos, I instantly knew he has a very unique sound, driven and hungry personality towards him. The day we first met and until now I can say, he is the most hardworking artist I’ve ever met and we are so proud to have him in with our label. This is just the beginning and there’s more to come from him ”

– Saber Ghaith Founder of VVIP