Final b-boys and b-girls confirmed for Red Bull BC One World Final


Last six competitors set for Mumbai one-on-one breakdancing spectacular.

The last two b-boys and four b-girls for the 2019 Red Bull BC One World Final have been confirmed after the Last Chance Cypher and B-Girl World Final in Mumbai, India. Here is all you need to know:

– The full wildcard line-up had already been announced ahead of the November 9 event as the world’s best breakers get set to battle it out one-on-one.

– All that remained was for the Last Chance Cypher and B-Girl World Final to play out on November 7 in order to get the complete line-up ready to go.

– The winners from the Last Chance Cypher field of 29 b-boys are B-Boy Killa Kolya from Kazakhstan and B-Boy Nori from Japan with Japan’s B-Girl Ami, B-Girl Ayumi and B-Girl MiMZ joined by B-Girl Kastet from Russia out of the 28 b-girls at Famous Studios.

– Sixteen b-boys and four b-girls will now battle it out for the prestigious title on Saturday to discover the world’s best breaker at the National Sports Club of India.


Photo Credits: Dean Treml

Killa Kolya (Kazakhstan)
Nikolay, aka Killa Kolya, of Kazakhstan’s Simple System crew, is a well-rounded B-Boy. He’s experienced in all elements of dance, but also likes to create new moves, giving him both a competitive edge and a means to keep his dance fresh and original. Killa Kolya’s focus is on his dance, travelling the world, earning respect and getting his name out in the b-boy community. He has a lot of energy and wants to make new friends and great memories. He’s also interested in DJing.

Nori (Japan)
From Japan, B-Boy Nori is a member of Take Notice crew and The Floorriorz crew. He has an all-round, foundational style, complemented by a range of swift power moves. Nori is the first b-boy to win the Battle of the Year for three consecutive years with his crew Flooriorz. He also won the BC One Cypher Japan four times (in 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2019).


Ami (Japan)
Japan’s Ami from the Red Bull BC One All Stars and Good Foot crews is the defending champion of Red Bull BC One 2018. She’s returning as an invited contender in 2019 and therefore directly qualified for the top 16. In terms of competitions, Ami has won the 2017 Silverback Open solo B-Girl competition, the 2017 Undisputed World B-Boy series solo B-Girl competition, and the 2016 Battle of the Year 2v2 B-Girl competition.

Photo Credits: Dean Treml

Ayumi (Japan)
From Kyoto, Japan, B-Girl Aymui is a member of the animated and energetic Body Carnival crew. Ayumi started breaking at the age of 21, inspired to try dancing after watching her older sister, B-Girl Narumi. Ayumi has won a number of battles, both as an individual and with her crew, including the 2013 B-irl solo battle at Hip Opession in France, the 2015 Dragon Style Anniversary Footwork battle in China, the 2015 Freestyle session 2v2 B-Girl battle alongside Narumi, and the 2017 Outbreak Europe 2v2 battle.

Photo Credits: Dean Treml

Kastet (Russia)
From Krasnodar, Russia, B-Girl Kastet, whose name means ‘Brass Knuckles’ in English, is a member of 3:16 Crew and started breaking in the autumn of 2010, at the age of 12. Going from Latin dances to judo before finally finding breaking, Kastet learned the dance from her crew, especially members B-Boy Marvel, and, her husband, B-Boy Jerry Metal. Having won competitions like the Combonathion 7 2v2 B-Girl battle, the Combonathion 9 1v1 B-Girl battle and the 2018 Russian Red Bull BC One B-Girl qualifier, Kastet also studies as an artist at university and sees her future in breaking and art.

MiMz (Japan)
Japan’s MiMz represents Keep It Real, BGSK and the Dead Stock Crew. She is well-versed in multiple dance styles and takes inspiration from many of her other interests like fashion, style, film and photography.

Watch the Red Bull BC One World Final live HERE.