Exploring Dubai’s Growing Music Scene


Last seen live is a music platform determined on promoting artist that reside in the MENA region to a worldwide scale. ‘ Together we grow’ is their mantra as they believe strength is in unity and supporting each other will help evolve into an industry. The concept inspired by Arabic and western music culture, it evokes the prominence of 1980’s New York jazz lounges and the kings and queen of live arabic performances.

The event took place at D3 Phenomenal Studio on Friday 27th September 2019 and it was a great to see a lot of people supporting and expanding the music scene in Dubai.

Artist Pimms Brooke says “ you only ever see artist perform on social media a lot of the time so when you have great platform like last seen live its an amazing place to be and see artist perfom.”

Her sentiment was shared by local artist Fafa “ I think this platform in particular is amazing, I think coming together to celebrate original music is the greatest thing that could happen here.”

“The work is there, the work shows and the talent is pretty high there might not be a lot of us but the few of us are very talented boys and girls” says Artist Menon, he also believes with a little more time and little more work something big can happen.

Last Seen Live just held an event for its launch of season 2 showcasing some the UAE’s most prominent talent