Net worth: £40m each
Source of wealth: Drinks — AU Vodka
Rank on the Young Rich List: 24= (new entry)

Bling kings Ronaldinho, the football superstar, and the boxer Floyd Mayweather are among the celebrities lining up to be snapped with AU Vodka’s flashy gold bottles. Schoolfriends Charlie Morgan, 26, and Jackson Quinn, 29, launched the Swansea-based drinks label in 2016 and really got the party started in December 2019, shifting 10,000 bottles of black grape vodka — more than in the previous 11 months combined.

Charlie Sloth

AU orders soared during the pandemic. “There were obviously a lot of lockdown parties going on,” Morgan said. A tie-up with the star DJ Charlie Sloth, 40, has brought celebrity clout and deals with Tesco and Morrisons topped up