NASA Is Willing To Pay You For Social Distance


Handling social distancing like a pro? Well, then NASA‘s upcoming mars simulation might be just for you.

NASA posted on its website that it wants to hire a handful of suitable humans to spend 8 months in isolation in a mock spacecraft. The experiment will take place in Moscow, Russia, and builds on a similar four-month study conducted in 2019. This is NASA’s latest step in getting humans on Mars.

Crew members will be expected to remain inside the fake spacecraft for the entirety of the eight months so that scientists can “study the effects of isolation.” Participation will of course be compensated, however, NASA hasn’t disclosed what the pay will be.

Since we’re all dealing with social distancing, this might sound too good to be true. Indeed, NASA has a whole list of requirements participants need to meet. In particular, candidates should be aged between 30 and 55, be fluent in both English and Russian, and must have either at least a Bachelor’s degree or have completed military officer training.

If you think you’r qualified, you can head over to NASA’s page to apply.