Post Malone has just shared a teaser from his upcoming third album, a snippet of a new track titled “Circles.” Posting the clip to YouTube, the single carries the same melancholy pop-rap vibes we heard on “Goodbyes.” Listen to it below.

“Circles,” which was produced by Tame Impala, features a melancholic pop-infused instrumental similar to the one on Malone’s latest single “Goodbyes.”

“Seasons change and our love went cold/Feed the flame ’cause we can’t let it go/Run away but we’re running in circles/Run away, run away,” he sings in the chorus with his signature Auto-Tuned vibrato.

“Circles” marks the third single from Post Malone’s upcoming new album, following the previously issued “Goodbyes” and “Wow.”

“Circles” was first debuted at a Bud Light’s Dive Bar Tour show at the Cutting Room in New York City yesterday. During the same gig Malone revealed that his new LP will be dropping next month. “My third album will be coming out in September,” he told the crowd. “And I think you guys are gonna like it very, very, very much.”