MUSIC WORLD CUP® is announcing that it has officially opened its Swiss operations. MUSIC WORLD CUP® is the only truly global music competition where over 200 countries can be represented and compete for a place in the LIVE finals and subsequently, to proudly take home the trophy. MUSIC WORLD CUP® was incubated for 4 years. It opened its executive management office in Zug, Switzerland a week ago by securing the services of one of the big three blue-chip consulting companies in Zurich for the setting up of the Swiss entity. The entity is called MUSIC WORLD CUP® Management AG and is headed up by its Chairman, Fahad Alhamrani who said, “Music World Cup chose Zug in Switzerland to have its global base because it’s the center of Europe’s blockchain technology which MUSIC WORLD CUP® intend to plug into its social platform, allowing artists to be paid for plays in a transparent and fair environment. It’s also where the Olympics and FIFA are based and if MUSIC WORLD CUP® are to be the next global event then this is where it needs to be.”

Uniting the world with music

MUSIC WORLD CUP® Management AG in Switzerland is the hub for global structuring, licensing administration, product placement, broadcast policies, steering committees for host city selection and global policy development. Its policy development is keenly related to the music industry’s evolution and how artists are remunerated in a fair and transparent manner. Raymond O’Hora, CEO of MUSIC WORLD CUP® Management AG said, “Protecting artists and their content is an intrinsic part of the MUSIC WORLD CUP® ethos. As music is consumed through technology, consequently, the team at MUSIC WORLD CUP® are always interested in developing technology-based solutions to protect the growth of artists globally, which is why the team are pleased to be working with Block Gemini in using blockchain to protect music content creators and artists. MUSIC WORLD CUP® are also working with many others to do more for artists which will be announced soon. The music industry has tried many different methods to protect revenues and artists and it is no secret that artists are generally not content with the results to date. MUSIC WORLD CUP® believe that blockchain will solve many of the issues that muddy the music industry waters today.”

Uniting the world with music

MUSIC WORLD CUP® is driven by a next-generation online social platform where artists can upload a performance and fans can listen, engage, like and vote for their favorite artists online. MUSIC WORLD CUP® takes the top-ranked artists from each country on its platform, through a mentorship program, which includes rehearsals with music industry professionals, music academics and celebrities from around the globe and is captured on camera. The content is further edited and distributed around the world through TV Networks and Digital Streaming services to secure the largest viewership possible. After the world votes, the final 25 countries battle it out in a live Finals broadcast directly from the host city. The first MUSIC WORLD CUP® LIVE Finals takes place in 2019.


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