Bohan Pheonix, A Chinese – American Rapper is a rising figure today in the hip-hop music industry. Being an Asian-American rapper, his ethnicity brings out from the people makes his music extraordinary.

We sat with Bohan and spoke about how he started his music journey from being part of a choir band in junior school to now being heard by people in different parts of the world.

Bohan Phoenix also mentions about his come up and difficulties he faced when starting out his journey. He has worked with 88Rising in 2016 and discovered Higher Brothers during a Vice Tour in China. The rapper has worked with High Brothers on a track called “NO HOOK” which crossed over 1.1 Million views.

He has recently released his new track called “YMF”. On his Instagram post, he mentioned that he will be releasing the music video soon.

Check out the in depth interview to get to know his story.

OVERSEAS 海外 EP out now –

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