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Dubai most expensive place to celebrate New Year’s Eve


Dubai: New Year’s Eve revellers who intend to book a last-minute getaway in Dubai may have to pay a pretty penny for a room, as hotels have become one of the most expensive in the world.

A recent global survey that was carried out among 50 cities has ranked Dubai as the third most expensive destination to celebrate New Year’s Eve, with visitors having to pay an average of $272 per night (Dh999).

The survey, carried out by Cheaphotels.org, placed Miami Beach in the US as the priciest destination for the period around New Year’s Eve, with a nightly rate of $281 (Dh1,032) and $843 (Dh3,096) for three nights.

The report made the calculations based on the cheapest available double room for a three-night stay from December 30, 2018 to January 2, 2019. Only hotels with a city centre location, with three stars or more, and with average positive guest reviews were included in the survey.

When it comes to destinations that have hiked their rates by the largest amount this New Year’s Eve, the Taiwanese capital of Taipei tops the bill with nightly prices of $175 (Dh642) for the most affordable room around New Year’s Eve – nearly 500 per cent more than an equivalent stay in January.

The most affordable destination according to the survey is Bogota, the capital of Columbia in South America, where you can find hotel rates of just $27 (Dh99) per night around New Year’s Eve. Other options that will go easy on the pocket include the capital cities of Buenos Aires in Argentina, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Doha in Qatar and Hanoi in Vietnam, with rates of less than $50 (Dh183) per night.

The top 20 priciest destinations

  1. Miami Beach, US. $281 (Dh1,032)
  2. Sydney, Australia. $274 (Dh1,006)
  3. Dubai, UAE. $272 (Dh999)
  4. New Orleans, US. $269 (Dh987)
  5. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. $226 (Dh830)
  6. New York City, US. $224 (Dh822)
  7. Hong Kong $221 (Dh811)
  8. Nashville, US $216 (Dh793)
  9. Edinburgh, Scotland. $204 (Dh749)
  10. Amsterdam, The Netherlands. $198 (Dh727)
  11. Cairo, Egypt. $196 (Dh719)
  12. Honolulu, Hawaii. $189 (Dh694)
  13. Los Angeles, US. $186 (Dh683)
  14. London, UK. $184 (Dh675)
  15. Las Vegas, US. $180 (Dh661)
  16. Taipei, Taiwan. $175 (Dh642)
  17. San Francisco, US. $164 (Dh602)
  18. Vancouver, Canada. $156 (Dh572)
  19. Macau $154 (Dh565)
  20. Venice, Italy. $141 (Dh517)


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