An American teenager called Kyle Giersdorf has just become a multimillionaire after coming in first place at the Fortnite World Cup in New York, the BBC reports. The 16-year-old is now Fortnite world champion and has banked $3 million in prize money.

The competition finals took place this weekend at New York’s Arthur Ashe Stadium and boasted the largest prize pool in eSports history, with a $30 million pot shared among the winners.

Despite his mammoth win, Giersdorf says he’s not planning to splash out all of his prize money at once. In a conversation with the BBC, he said, “All I want is a new desk and maybe a desk for my trophy.”

In the duo competition, meanwhile, British teenager Jaden Ashman banked half of a $2.25 million prize, coming in second place with Dutch teammate Dave Jong. The pair will split the prize money evenly. Another British teen, 14-year-old Kyle Jackson, took home $375,000.

More than 40 million players participated in the event qualifiers, but only 50 duos and 100 solo players made it through to the finals.


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