With the new traffic law allowing car owners to use 50 per cent tints in their car windows instead of the previous 30 per cent, residents are rushing to get their vehicles tinted during the summer.

Auto accessories shops have reported a sharp increase of customers visiting to get their car tinted by 50 per cent in a bid to reduce the heat inside their cars and increase the air conditioner’s efficiency.

Mohammed Ali of City Sun Auto Accessories Trading said since the implementation of the new law, the shop has seen a 90 per cent increase in demand for the new car tinting type.

“In the past, office cars were not allowed to apply tints. But since the new law allows company cars, we have seen an influx of office vehicles apply our 50 per cent tinting,” said Ali. He said that individual car owners are allowed to tint all windows except the front windscreen, under the new Federal Traffic Law introduced on July 1. Window tints of more than 50 per cent subjects drivers to a Dh1,500 fine.

Mohammed Hassan from Najam Al Dhaid Auto Accessories said customers opt for the new tint to protect themselves from the summer’s heat. “It is so hot and humid nowadays that sometimes the car AC does not function properly. Most of our customers have been rushing to get the darker tint now that the law allows it,” said Hassan, noting at least a 70 per cent increase of tint sales this summer. “Very few ask for the 30 per cent tint, and those who ask are the ones most worried about not seeing other vehicles while driving at night.”

Ali Baqeri of Burj Milad Auto Accessories said the new law came as a savior for people who had wanted to apply darker tints in the past but feared fines. “Women mostly applied 50 per cent tint in the past, but others sometimes dodged the rules and added dark tints on side windows and 30 per cent at the back,” said Baqeri.

With summer approaching, people are now applying the 50 per cent tint to avoid the heat. Al Baqeri witnessed 40 per cent boom in darker tint sales in the past two weeks since office cars are rushing to get their car windows darkened.

Mohammed Nasser from Najmat Al Taeif recorded an 80 per cent increase in the 50 per cent tint sales. He said people’s need for privacy and heat protection drives them into getting darker car tinting. “Car tints tend to lose their colour with time, which is another reason people want to add dark tints. The darker they are, the more time it takes it to wear off,” said Nasser.

Residents beat summer heat

Ziad Ahmed, UAE-based Egyptian, said window tinting not only helps to keep the car’s interior cool, but also protects the dashboard from cracking. When he figured the law allows for 50 per cent, he did not hesitate to apply it. “When I switch on the AC, it usually takes time to cool. I just want to keep my car cool in this scorching heat.”

Mohammed Shahin, a Syrian national, said driving his company car was tough during summer. With the new law, he rushed to get his windows tinted by 50 per cent. “It absorbs the heat and allows the AC to function more efficiently,” said Shaheen. He added that darkened windows also give more privacy when driving around with his wife and children.

Georgian Thea Shengelaia said darker tint gives women more privacy. “Whenever I drive with windows open, some male drivers try to pull acts and flirt. Dark tints give privacy while driving which is the main reason I opt for it, more than just the summer heat,” said Shengelaia.