The Drone X Challenge 2018 is intended to push the limits of drone capabilities, to improve the suitability of drones for deployment in roles such as deliveries and logistics.

The contest will cover two main areas – Innovation in Manoeuverability, and Innovation in Transportation – with a focus on pushing performance criteria such as up to two hours of endurance time, the ability to carry loads up to 500kg, using both gas and/or battery powered engines, as well as be able to manoeuver in a fast, safe, and precise manner.

The Drone X Challenge 2018 will be open to individuals, groups, entrepreneurs, university students, R&D projects, and companies around the world, for projects for fixed-wing or propeller drones.

Participants will have a timeframe of one year to develop and produce a project that will meet the requirements. The winner of the challenge is expected to offer innovative, inventive, and disruptive products or services which are agile, original, and have scalable commercial applications.

“It is no secret that we are going through a transformational era. The digital revolution is reshaping many features of modern life around the world, and drone technologies are a solid proof of that”, says Dr. Saleh Al Hashemi, Managing Director of Krypto Labs.

He added: “We are currently redefining the way drone technologies can serve humanity, and Krypto Labs takes pride in being at the frontier of the notion of catalyzing and supporting industries that are involved in the field of drone development, as well as collaborating with the brilliant minds of the industry to mobilize the way these applications are disrupting existing methods, achieving leaps in the technological progress that is currently taking place.”


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